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The overall notation is established on ~60 categories judgement, weighted according to their importance for a given game genre (ie. fight system is not so important for "Art CRPG" as it is important for "FPS" game).


It should be noted that my notation system is not biased towards 7 as in classical system (most of players will give a note 7 for an average/mildly good game, while 5 is average/bad game). In my system 5 means actually good average game worth playing, even some "4" games are worth trying at least once for witnessing a specific feature (see specific review for that kind of recomendation). However, generally speaking, the games below 5 are not recomended to play.


General note: corresponds to weighted average of all game characteristics


10 - that note has never been achieved by any game

9 - only one game got that note up to now (Planescape: Torment)

8 - beacons of excellence

7 - very good games touching legendary heights

6 - good games, worth multiple replays

5 - good games, worth at least one replay

4- technicall or storywise decent games, that might not appeal to most of people, low replayability

3 - bad games

2 - very bad games

1 - unplayable

0 - very old or abysmal games


For a specific example, herebelow the description of partial notes of certain game elements:


General Appreciation (the system coherence of the game elements):


5 - technically not bad, a chore game, for one go through,


6 - a good game that has that "something" making it actually a worthwhile experience, though very often linked to a low replayability


7 - above mediocre game that can be replayed,


8 - very good game


9-10 - an event game, that is remembered long after being played,


12 - absolute classic


everything below 5 is technically flawed, uninteresting, recycle bin rubbish, +10% in the appreciation


Main Quest and storyline category:


Important for CRPG, Adventure, less important for FPS and Strategy; the notation is done in the following way:

11 - the ideal


10 - the storyline balanced in every way, nonlinear, engaging, epic, emphatic, with high artistic value


9 - the very good quality engrossing storyline, often non linear (though may be linear but with very high artistic value… eg. FF7)


8 - the story that one always takes pleasure to play, typically all kinds of franchises that become classic (typically Star Wars for movies… BG2 series, Mass Effect)

8/7 - games between those two categories are often the sequels of excellent games from the past (eg Mass Effect 2) which put on hold some important questions asked in the predecessors. It is also somehow a frontier between classics and simply good games.

7 - the well done storyline in the balance with other gameplay elements (typically the case of many action games where we find the storyline in excellent symbiosis with other gameplay elements, eg. Deus Ex, XIII, Alpha Protocol).

7/6 - The games finding themselves between those two often are either too linear, sometimes lacking something in the storyline completness (Assassin Creed Brotherhood for example), or with some rythme errors despite original storyline (Shin Megani Tensei: Nocturne)

6 - the story contributing actively to the game experience (we have that in many action games too, like System Shock 2, first Baldur's Gate…)

5 - average experience, though it adds to the overall experience but it is not the biggest force of the game (Velvet Assasin, RtCW, GTA ...)

4 - the history is not excellent, however it contributes to improvement of other characteristics of the game (there are a lot of games like that) - often the storylines of "fallen angels" are like this (Bioshock, Fallout 3 …)

3 - below average storylines which are quite neutral for the player (ie it is there but brings no added value)

2 -bad storyline, not complex, cliché, annoying to the player

1 - sterile games in terms of storyline (normal for strategic games), without any interest, might be very annoying

0 - ultimate failure in terms of the storyline and main quest

-1 - extremally annoying storyline being a major motivation problem to play the game

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  • Un gamer acharné, je joue beaucoup et j'explore beaucoup des mondes des jeux variés.
I am dedicated gamer, I play a lot of various things, I explore a lot of different gameworlds
  • Un gamer acharné, je joue beaucoup et j'explore beaucoup des mondes des jeux variés. I am dedicated gamer, I play a lot of various things, I explore a lot of different gameworlds